Hoyt Architects
  • Designing beyond
    the building

  • Bringing together art,
    architecture, and software

  • Imagining new design
    possibilities in real-time

Our process is built around visual decision making.

By integrating multiple design approaches under one roof — architecture, visualization, and tech development — our studio cultivates new ideas throughout the creative process. We immerse ourselves in our work, building interactive “digital twin” models that allow us to make more informed design decisions.

Understanding context requires the study of multiple scales.

As designers, we respond to a wide range of criteria, feedback, and aesthetics that are addressed throughout the project. We then “stress test” our designs utilizing our digital twin models and background analytics. The higher quality the model, the stronger the emotional response, and better the design.

Our goal is to design spaces that allow cities to live and breathe - creating places that connect to their immediate surroundings and fit within the larger context.