Hoyt Architects

We explore built spaces through real-time modeling to improve what we build and how we live.

3 Companies, 1 Studio.

Developing unique architectural solutions requires new ways of thinking about architectural problems. Our studio environment promotes collaboration among Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners, VR Artists, and Programmers to design, test, and build projects.

If the software and tools don't exist, we write new software and create new tools by partnering with our research and development company, HAL, and our tech company, Imerza.

Our immersive design process creates a deeper understanding of each project by studying design parameters ranging from mass, scale, topography, circulation, sun orientation and lighting to materials, texture and finishes.



Hoyt Architects’ experience designing a wide range of building types allows us to better understand the range of program, form, and construction parameters of each. We apply this knowledge to our new projects, often incorporating ideas from one type to another.

Urban Design

Hoyt Architects urban design process starts on day one of a project. Whether small or large, we expand the site design to include surrounding context. We believe that to understand one scale, you must understand the next larger scale.

Planning + Feasibility Analysis

In depth site and feasibility analysis exposes new opportunities and allows for creative solutions to complex sites. From re-zoning & entitlements to financial modeling we are able to provide valuable insight that allow for highly informed decisions.

Environmental Planning

The Planners and Landscape Architects at Hoyt Architects understand how to create places that integrate natural systems and forms to create meaningful and humane spaces in scales ranging from regional park planning to green links and biosystems.

Interior Architecture

The building interior is often the place where you come into physical contact and interact with the building architecture. We create memorable experiences that excite & engage the senses. Nonstop visual communication throughout our design process keeps branding intertwined & owners informed.

  • Gary Hoyt

    Gary, FAIA NCARB, is the founding Principal of Hoyt Architects and serves as its President and Design Director. He has more than 30 years experience in the design field as an Architect and Urban Designer. Prior to forming his own firm, Gary worked as a Design Architect for Safdie Architects where he was involved in several notable projects such as Cambridge Center and The National Gallery of Canada. Gary co-founded Design Options, one of the first 3rd party programs for AutoCAD dedicated to using CAD as a design tool. He is also the co-founder of the visualization company, HAL, and tech company Imerza.

  • Chris Gallagher

    Chris, AIA NCARB, is Managing Partner and VP of Hoyt Architects, he has more than 30 years of experience in design, planning, and construction. He manages operations of the firm and oversees the firm’s renovation, historic preservation, and other more traditional Architectural design projects. Chris addresses human scale detailing and historical reference for the firm.

    Chris is also past chair of the City of Sarasota Planning Board and Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.